Kumi Saito Photography #3

Patron Saints of Patterns

Published 15.09.2023

Capturing the world of Eley Kishimoto, this photobook features 200 images taken by Kumi Saito,  from textiles to catwalk shows, events, and their studio

London-based photographer Kumi Saito's third archive photobook "ELEY KISHIMOTO - Patron Saints of Patterns" was published on September 15th.

Founded in 1992 by Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto in London, Eley Kishimoto is a textile design company that provides print patterns to other brands such as Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander and Louis Vuitton. From 1996, they became more active as fashion designers, designing clothes and accessories under their own brand. They are also known for their collaborations with different industries, from interior to automotive.

This book contains documentary-style photographs of catwalk shows and events, as well as still-life photography for lookbooks taken by Kumi Saito, who was the in-house photographer for Eley Kishimoto between 2001 and 2016. It also features close-up shots of printed textiles and portraits taken for magazines. The photographs of the studio, which she took before it closed in 2016, are a valuable archive that takes you behind the scenes of Eley Kishimoto's creation.

From designing hand-drawn patterns to printing textiles using silkscreen equipment and sewing samples, the brand cherishes the special feeling of handwork and shows their love for analogue techniques. The trajectory of craftsmanship will never fade away, along with the number of printed patterns by Eley Kishimoto, who says, "Fashion trends come and go, but patterns are eternal."

Kumi Saito is a London-based Japanese photographer who passed away in December 2020 from cancer. Her work focuses on fashion, lifestyle, portraiture and more. She was a well-known photographer who contributed to many Japanese magazines, fashion brands, department stores, and a wide range of media.

Book Details
Publisher: Parsnips Archive
Language: English
Paperback: Full colour 192 pages
Size: A5, 148x210mm
ISBN: 978-1-7395963-4-7
Published: 15.09.2023

Price: £15.95
Editorial: Parsnips Archive
Photographer: Kumi Saito

Eley Kishimoto Patron Saints of Patterns Kumi Saito Photography #3£15.95


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